Key Recruiting Issues and Opportunities Nonprofits and Community Organizations Face — and How to Overcome Them

Posted on: 16 August 2017

Hiring qualified individuals is a challenge for any business, but finding great workers can be even harder for those in the world of nonprofits and community organizations. These social service agencies may do great work, but finding people to do that work is never an easy or a straightforward process.

From finding men and women with the right qualifications to gauging their level of dedication to the agency and its good works, nonprofit agencies and community organizations face a number of significant challenges when filling new positions and replacing departing workers.

No matter what the nature of the nonprofit agency or community service organization, working with an employment agency can make filling those vital positions easier. Those nonprofit businesses and community aid organizations can derive a number of important benefits just by using recruitment agencies to find the right talent.

For one thing, working with a recruitment agency allows nonprofit agencies and community aid organizations to better leverage their existing resources. Instead of spending precious time and limited resources on a fruitless job search, the decision makers in charge of the nonprofit can simply let the recruitment agency do all the hard work. Once the recruitment agency has identified the best candidates for the job, the interviews can proceed and the job can be filled without further delay.

Moving the focus away from the difficulties of hiring can make nonprofit organizations and community aid agencies more efficient, allowing them to serve their target populations more effectively. Most nonprofit must deal with limited resources, and the people in charge are constantly looking for ways to better allocate the money they have raised.

When individuals donate to their favorite nonprofit agencies and community aid organizations, they want to know that their dollars are going toward a good cause and that the dollars they give will be used responsibly. They certainly do not envision their donation being used in the job search process, especially if the results of that process are not productive.

By turning the talent selection process over to a professional recruitment agency, smart nonprofit agencies and community aid organizations can make the most of the resources they have in place. Instead of spending their limited dollars on finding the best candidates for an open position, they can focus on doing what they do best — serving the needs of their target populations and making their communities better places to be.