Custom Contemporary Home: Three Crucial Features to Include in Your Design

Posted on: 7 February 2018

If you are interested in modern architecture, you should think about choosing a contemporary house design for your home construction project. This option is beneficial because it incorporates reimagined traditional designs. Contemporary home architecture is not a basic style which emphasizes on minimalism. It is a unique marriage of countless elements from different periods. These seemingly disparate features and functions connect to form a home that emphasizes utility without neglecting aesthetics. Typically, each contemporary home design will have some distinctive elements, depending on the inspiring classic styles and trends. However, there are certain features which are universally beautiful and functional for the modern generation of homeowners. Here are the some of these beneficial elements that you should consider including in your contemporary house design.

Indoor-Outdoor Design

When designing your home, you should put an emphasis on indoor-outdoor living. This is an essential feature of contemporary house architecture because it serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. As implied, indoor-outdoor living is a style which creates a smooth and uninterrupted transition from the external environment to the interior space. You can realise the design through the use floor-to-ceiling windows and the installation of sliding French doors. This generous use of glass in the home will allow the unimpeded flow of natural light into the rooms. Also, the design will bring in the natural world of trees, water features and general wildlife into the indoor space.

Open Floor Layout

Open floor plans have gained a large following, and the design is a staple in contemporary home architecture. As suggested, this modern style incorporates a common room without a distinct separation between the spaces for a seamless transition. In most cases, the open layout combines all the common spaces, including the dining room, kitchen and general living area. This design is favourable because it removes visual barriers, making the house feel more spacious. Also, ope layouts integrates all the aspects of everyday living for a more harmonious home. In addition, a house with open flows promotes smooth flow of movements and ensures safety.

Eco-Friendly Features

Contemporary home architecture emphasises on environmentally-friendly construction and living. Therefore, you should make sure that your building plan takes the natural world into account. Simply speaking, the design must reflect your sensitivity to the ecosystem and healthy living. There are different ways in which you can ensure eco-friendliness. For instance, it is important to choose a design which minimises the wastage of energy through HVAC usage. Also, you should use materials which promote short-term and long-term environmental protection.